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Aug 09


Aug 09
Spying on strangers

Spying on strangers

Jul 29
me and my bff were doing cuz we got bored as the fuck u might laugh ur ass off lik us

me and my bff were doing cuz we got bored as the fuck u might laugh ur ass off lik us

Jul 24

Its been a rough couple of weeks but im gettin better. just need to make a couple of decisions. aint got much to write so ight

Jul 22

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Jul 18


honestly i hate lying to the guy i love but hes so fucking blind it doesnt matter. i told him i loved him and he says “I really lik u too.” WTF I DIDNT SAY I LIKED U I SAID I FUCKING LOVE YOU THERE IS A BIG FUCKING DIFFERENCE. i used the 1, and 4 he must be stupid if he cant tell i lied. 

#1 - Im fine

#2 - Im not jealous

#3 - Im not mad

#4 - sure we can be friends 

#5 - Im over him

Boys need to get smart and see the signs and so do I

Jul 16


just a second ago i got bullied again. it got worse and they dont realize how much it hurts. they r the reason y i cut myself and tried to kill myself so manystimes

Jul 15

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Jul 12

this shit piss me off

Jul 10

Youtube Inspiration

I just finished watching some “If you really knew me” and some “My Secrets” it was inspiring. So inspiring I’m making a song, video, and this right here. On my song so far I have 2 because some of the songs I sing i don’t have utensils around to write it down so I lose really great songs. I would record the songs myself but I’m scared to because some people say I can sing and others disagree so for now I just write them. But I still get insecure about weather or not if it’s good enough. My video will be about my secrets and whats happened in my life. And the third thing is writing this blog. So yeah time to get to work on my song and video.